Manuscript Wish List


Are you a writer and/or illustrator with a picture book or graphic novel that you would like to submit to me? I’d love to take a look! Here are some things I’m looking for (or not) . . .

in broad strokes:

  • Character-driven emotional journeys

  • Stories that are deep, thoughtful, thought-provoking, gritty

  • Stories that are goofy, silly, and full of heart

  • Family units that have minimal mainstream representation (siblings/grandparents as guardians; positive depictions of single dads; mixed race families, etc.)

  • Creators who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, genderqueer / non-binary, disabled

  • Disclaimer: After suffering through 13 years of schooling, I do NOT want to feel like I’m back in a classroom. If I catch a whiff of a message or moral, I’m ditching!

In picture books:

  • Specific stories (rather than sweeping texts that offer glimpses into different kinds of experiences), with an emphasis on BIPOC characters

  • Fiction and select non-fiction

  • Complex, conflicting emotions (I Hate Everyone written by Naomi Danis, illustrated by Cinta Arribas)

  • LGTBQ+ characters (ie boys in dresses, queer fairy tales, nonbinary kids)(Julián is a Mermaid by Jessica Love; When Aidan Became a Brother, written by Kyle Lukoff, illustrated by Kaylani Juanita)

  • Stories that make me CACKLE

  • MURDERRR I love it when characters eat other characters (I Want My Hat Back / This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen; I Just Ate My Friend by Heidi McKinnon; A Hungry Lion or A Dwindling Assortment of Animals by Lucy Ruth Cummins)

  • Stories that deal with heavier topics like abuse, sexual assault, depression, loss (Angry Man written by Gro Dahle, illustrated by Svein Nyhus; The Funeral by Matt James; Maybe Tomorrow written by Charlotte Agell, illustrated by Ana Ramírez González)

In graphic novels:

  • Funny, witty adventure stories for the 4-8 age group

  • Contemporary realistic slice-of-life stories for the 8-12 age range

  • Navigating mixed-race identity

  • Fantasy with some grounding in reality (think Spirited Away, Pan’s Labyrinth, Beasts of the Southern Wild…)

  • Please do not send me any YA! I survived teenhood once and have no desire to relive it.



Send a query letter with a short summary of your work, a few lines about yourself and your favorite children’s book that was published in the last couple years, and attach your manuscript (.doc) or dummy (.pdf) to Due to inbox avalanche, I’m afraid I do not guarantee a response.